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Hello and welcome to my blog!

Mother Time Musings is a blog dedicated to the other side of Father Time — that is, the social, psychological, and cultural aspects of some of my favorite historical time periods.

This blog is not about text-book history or the history you learned in school. As a fiction writer, I write about characters from the inside out. What interests me about history is not only what happened and when, but why it happened, how it happened, who it happened to, and how did it change them (if it changed them at all). I’m particularly interested in the history makers and breakers and the psychological, social, and cultural ideas behind history.

Because history covers a lot of ground, this blog will focus on the two time periods that have always fascinated me the most — The Gilded Age (very roughly, 1870’s – 1890’s) and The Progressive Era (again, very roughly, the first few decades of the 20th century until the end of the 1920’s where the stock market crashed). I emphasize these time frames as very rough to give some leeway as to the dates this blog will be covering.

Also, please note while I love British and world history, I am an American and many posts on this blog will focus on American history. America was going through massive changes in all aspects of life during this 50 year period and there is so much that interests me and hasn’t been much explored.

Finally, because I am a West Coast gal (my favorite place in the world is the San Francisco Bay Area), I’ll be posting as much as I can about it (or, as it was called in the Gilded Age, the Far West). My posts won’t only be confined to that area, though.

So come with me on a journey back in time and take a breather from our chaotic, crazy, insane modern world!

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